May 25, 2020

The Occasional Gardener redux

The Occasional Gardener is a column started in April 1994 by Janine Pineo for the Bangor Daily News. It appears once a month most of the time, with the occasional extra here and there.

Garden Maine will be reprinting a number of the stories here, partly because it’s easy, but mostly because it’s about Maine and gardening and you can’t find the majority of the articles anywhere anymore. We have them all.

Gardening carols ring in the season

At some point, Janine decided it would be fun to write a gardening carol for the holidays and did so, only to have the idea shot down by an editor who said the newspaper didn’t print poetry.

Janine tucked it away and when a new editor came on board, she tried again. Like any persistent gardener, she prevailed and started the hokey tradition of garden carols. Yes, she sings them all. It gives a gardener something to do in December.

So for the launch of Garden Maine in this December of 2011, in the run-up to the big day itself, we will present a carol a day — minus Sunday because you will need to rest your vocal chords for the big finale — until the big day, Christmas Eve, when you can read the 2011 treasure.

Enjoy. And put away any sharp garden implements because you don’t want to get hurt in your enthusiasm.

Garden Carol – December 2003

Garden Carol – December 2004

Garden Carol – December 2006

Garden Carol – December 2007

Garden Carol – December 2008

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Garden Carol – December 2010

Garden Carol – December 2011