February 27, 2020

Welcome to Garden Maine

Vegetable garden - Summer 2011

Garden Maine Photo - Vegetable garden - Summer 2011

Welcome to Garden Maine.

Big and roomy, isn’t it?

I’ve debated what to say as I open this site, something I have been planning for a long time. I’ve tried to think of clever things to write and failed miserably. Everything ends up sounding pretentious or stilted.

Hopefully, that is not me or what this site will be.

So here it is. I want this site to be the go-to place for people who like to grow things and call the state of Maine home. I’ve been gardening all my life and writing about it since 1994, and I know  there is no single place for Mainers to gather to read and learn about Maine gardens and farms and the businesses that sprout from those pursuits.

I love writing about gardening, from the history of a plant to the people who live quiet lives growing those plants.

My beliefs are pretty simple. I believe we are stewards of this land.

My loves are straightforward. I love to grow plants. I love the feel of good dirt on my hands. I delight in picking vegetables from my garden and just standing and looking at one single bloom, if that is all I’ve been blessed with.

I believe this makes the world a better place. And it makes me a better person.

Hence this site, GardenMaine.com. I have lots of plans for this place, much like I always have something brewing for my own gardens. It will take time and patience to get it to where I will be content with what it brings to you, for I am doing the bulk of the work alone at the start.

But in the months leading up to this debut, I have been humbled by the number of friends with a variety of talents who have helped me get started. I asked each, fully expecting to be turned down, and not a single one said no. Some, in fact, beat me to the punch and volunteered to do a particular thing for me before I could even articulate the question after revealing what I was intending.

This is truly a labor of love.

So pull up a chair and join me in the garden. There will be good writing, helpful information, plenty of amusement and the camaraderie you find with those folks who are the salt of the Earth: people who grow stuff.

Welcome to Garden Maine.

Janine Pineo
Hudson, Maine
December 12, 2011