May 30, 2020


Garden Maine is a place to read stories and essays about gardening and farming and life in general — although usually seen through the eyes of a gardener or farmer. And not just any gardener or farmer, but one from Maine who knows the rigors of growing anything in this great state.

Our first essayist volunteered before he even knew what the plan was. But that is typical: He often doesn’t know what he’s getting into. John Chisholm of Levant has been a farmer for nearly three decades. He’s a writer, to boot, which means he has a lot to say about what it means to farm.

The illustrator for John’s essays is George Danby, longtime political cartoonist for the Bangor Daily News, who also does fine illustration work with that particular Danby flair.

You can find John’s and George’s work under the Farming tag each Thursday, depending on the weather.