July 4, 2020

Garden Carol – December 2004

First published in the Bangor Daily News in December 2004

As you finish off the last of the fruitcake — and I am not going to ask exactly how you plan to “finish” it off — you may want to gather the clan for one last carol to mark the passing of the season and the coming of the new.

I’m talking seed catalog season.

With my thanks and apologies to the wonderful Irving Berlin, please join me in singing to the strains of “White Christmas” my new carol of hope and gardening: “Green Garden.”

May I suggest you start singing like Bing Crosby and then we’ll give it a big finish with an Elvis flair? I’ll let you know where. And if any of the kiddies got an instrument from Santa, well, just tell them to join in whenever they can.

A one and a two and a …

Garden Carol - December 2004 - Garden Maine

Janine Pineo Photo - Garden Carol - December 2004

I’m dreaming of a green garden,
Just like the one I grew this year.
Where tomatoes glisten
With squash vines twistin’
Through paths that once were wide and clear.

I’m dreaming of a green garden
In shades of gold, blue, red and white.
May your weeds come down with the blight
And may all your insects fail to bite.

I’m dreaming of a green garden
In ev’ry catalog I find.
With sunflowers buzzing
While bees are humming
In blooms of lavender and thyme.

I’m dreaming of a green garden
With ev’ry lyric line I type.
May your seeds match all of their hype
And may all your compost smell quite nice.

(Bring on the Elvis, people.)
May your weeds, may your weeds, may your weeds be scanty from blight — (hold that note!)
And may all your Christmases be white.*

*This line includes and concludes all the gardening advice this column has to offer, because a good blanket of snow may protect your perennials from winterkill.

Or not.

Janine Pineo wishes you and yours a blessed holiday season and a fruitful gardening one.