January 28, 2020

A Maple for the Parlor

Abutilon - Parlor Maple

Janine Pineo Photo - Abutilon - Parlor Maple

Indoors or out, a pot of Abutilon is an easy way to add a point of interest. Also known as parlor maple, the plant has leaves that bear a striking resemblance to maple leaves but is no relation to the maple family. The bonus is that abutilon flowers, bell-shaped and plentiful, can put on a show for weeks at a time. Flowers for the common variety tend to come in a rainbow of pastels: pale yellow, pink, salmon and the like, such as the ‘Bella Mixed’ series. The plant benefits from being pinched back to encourage bushy growth and can thrive for years as a houseplant, while outdoors it is a tender annual. If you can’t find this plant at your local greenhouse, you can find seeds for it in many catalogs and online.