May 25, 2020

End of the Rainbow

Paeonia 'Coral 'n' Gold'

Janine Pineo Photo - Paeonia 'Coral 'n' Gold'

The magnificent blossom of peony ‘Coral ‘n’ Gold’ is considered a single peony but actually is partway between a single and a semi-double, falling shy of the semi-double name because there aren’t quite enough petals to qualify. No matter, for it is exquisite as it is. The flower color generally starts out deeper and fades as the bloom ages. ‘Coral ‘n’ Gold’ is a “newer” variety, introduced in 1981. It is an award-winning peony, recognized by the American Peony Society with the Award of Landscape Merit.

Peony Fact of the Day: Peonies are long-lived, growing and flowering for a hundred years or more if left undisturbed, according to “100 Flowers and How They Got Their Names.”