January 28, 2020

Out of Africa

Euryops - Daisy bush

Euryops - Bush daisy - Photo courtesy of Forest's Edge Garden

Euryops is a sunny plant, with deep yellow blooms that seemingly blossom nonstop. According to an African plant site, the name Euryops “is derived from the Greek eurys meaning large and ops an eye, referring to the large flowers.” The genus is native to Africa and consists of 97 species, most of them in Southern Africa, with some species only found in a single place. Only one of the species roams outside of Africa and that to the Arabian Peninsula. In addition to being called bush daisy, it is also called resin bush because of the drops secreted on the stem and branches that are resin-like. Euryops makes an excellent annual here in Maine.

Today’s Daily Plant is a collaboration of Garden Maine and Forest’s Edge Garden in Hampden, which grows Euryops.