January 29, 2020

On Top of the World

Calla 'Crystal Blush'

Janine Pineo Photo | Calla 'Crystal Blush'

You may not know the name Zantedeschia, but that’s because it started out in the Calla genus. Confusingly, its common name is still calla. Seen in the Flagstones display at the 2012 Bangor’s Garden Show was ‘Crystal Blush.’ This particular calla is noted as the world’s leading white cut flower. Not only is it a stunning looker, it also lasts 10-14 days in a vase. Then there is the sheer loveliness of that pure white blossom starting to blush as it ages, which only makes it all the more attractive. Calla is not hardy in Maine, but like other tubers such as gladiolus and dahlia, it can be lifted to winter over. Grow it in the ground or try it in a container for a stunning display.