April 8, 2020

Double the Fun

'Double the Fun' prizeFor us, spring is like Christmas and that means we love giving good things away to help celebrate the season.

With our last contest prize just shipped off to Alisa – we hope you enjoy ‘The Maine Garden Journal’, Alisa – we decided to offer up a prize of a different sort, one where you can write the book.

Behold: a collection of seeds from Pinetree Garden Seeds and a Garden Maine notebook. We know what to do with the seeds, but the notebook choices are numerous. Maybe you can start your own Maine Garden Journal!

And we liked this one so much, we decided to offer two prizes. That’s right, two people will be the winners of this drawing.

Click the link for what’s in the seed collection – List of seeds and descriptions. It’s suitable for small gardens or big gardens and most will work in containers if that’s what you have.

So here are the rules: Fill in your email address in the form below and submit. The drawing closes at 10 a.m. Monday, May 21, 2012. We’ll contact the winners shortly thereafter.

Two lucky people are going to have their week start off with a win!