January 22, 2020

Eggs ‘Florentine’

Eggs Florentine

Janine Pineo Photo | Eggs Florentine

Breakfast is a meal of possibilities, especially when new vegetables begin arriving en masse.

Between breakfast stirfries and omelets, I am always experimenting with what’s on hand and what can be made in a jiffy for a hearty, healthy breakfast.

And did I mention that Eggs Florentine is one of my favorite dishes? Ron’s Cafe in Brewer serves it with hollandaise sauce, which is a mixture of eggs and butter.

So I dreamed up my own recipe a week ago when I had the bounty of fresh eggs from Forest’s Edge Garden, spinach from Parker Family Farm, and smoked mozzarella from White’s Farm. It came from the first Hampden Farmers’ Market and I just knew I had to do something with those lovely ingredients for breakfast.

This was the result.

Eggs Florentine

3 eggs
Handful of washed baby spinach
Shavings of smoked mozzarella
Two slices of whole-grain bread

Using a grater, vegetable peeler or cheese slicer, shave off enough smoked mozzarella to cover two slices of toast and for a bit of garnish at the end. Set aside.

In a small  microwaveable bowl, fill part way with water and heat until near boiling, about two minutes.

While that is heating, place bread in toaster to toast. Prepare a second bowl with water; this one will be used to soft boil the eggs.

Remove the first bowl from microwave and toss in the spinach. Start heating the second bowl for two minutes and then flip the spinach in the first bowl so that it is just barely wilted. Remove from the water with a fork, empty the bowl of water and place the spinach back in the bowl.

Crack the eggs and pour them into the second bowl of water when it has finished heating. Place back in the microwave and cook for approximately 1 minute 45 seconds or until the yolks have just started to set.

As those cook, place the toast on a plate and sprinkle each piece with the mozzarella. Cover each piece of toast with the wilted spinach.

When the eggs finish, drain and place a single egg atop each slice of toast. With the third egg, mash it up and pour half over each egg. Sprinkle with pepper to taste and then garnish with a few shavings of the smoked mozzarella.

It’s not quite hollandaise sauce, but with that smoked mozzarella, it doesn’t need to be.

– Janine Pineo