January 28, 2020

Rise and Shine

Trillium undulatum - Painted trillium

Janine Pineo Photo | Trillium undulatum – Painted trillium

Spring ephemerals are elusive only because of the speed in which they come and go. Trillium undulatum is no different, quickly rising up and blooming in a matter of days. Given its early yet fleeting appearance in spring, it is no wonder its common name is painted wakerobin. A resident of the forest floor, preferring moist and acid soils, painted trillium likes deep shade, which makes it somewhat easier to spot with its white flower splashed with a purple-pink center. Native to North America, it can reach 8 to 20 inches in height and produce a shiny red berry after the flower has faded. According to Wikipedia, the seeds of trillium are spread by ants, which take the seeds back to their nest. From there, the seeds sprout. Got to love ant farmers.