January 29, 2020

Love It, Loathe It, Share It

'Stoddard' rose

Janine Pineo Photo | The family’s ‘Stoddard’ rose has been grown by the women in the family for at least a century.

Here in the garden that is Maine, we love our plants. We like talking about our plants. We like looking at other people’s plants. We even like hearing other people talk about other people’s plants.

Which is why we really like supplying you with The Daily Plant, serving up something from somewhere around the globe. And we’d like to see what’s got your attention.

Have you got a plant you love? Loathe? Are particularly proud of and would like to share it? We’d love to love, loathe or admire it with you.

All you need is a photo of this plant you love-loathe-admire and a minute to fill out the form. We promise to treat it with kindness and share it with the world.

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