November 15, 2019

One Prodigious Pumpkin

Sandy Miller Scofield Photo | 'Big Max' pumpkin

Sandy Miller Scofield Photo | ‘Big Max’ pumpkin

What’s in a name? Sometimes just what it says. ‘Big Max’ pumpkin is the kind of cucurbit that stops traffic. It was hybridized in the 1960s to grow, well, big – as in up to 300 pounds big. It easily can produce pumpkins that weigh 100 pounds and remain edible and reportedly good for canning and freezing purposes. We’re fairly sure you wouldn’t need too many fruits to have enough pumpkin to keep even Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater happy. Said to be fairly resistant to both powdery and downy mildew, ‘Big Max’ needs a lot of room to stretch out (5 to 8 feet between hills)  and a lot of time to mature, about 120 days. And you’ll either need a hoist or a few big, brawny men to harvest the crop.

Submitted by Sandy Miller Scofield, who writes she “would grow it JUST for its foliage.”

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