November 15, 2019

Short Wait

'Early Girl' tomato

Janine Pineo Photo | ‘Early Girl’ tomato

One of the hardest things to wait for is a ripe tomato. Some years, it seems to take forever before those green globes start to blush. Back in 1975, Burpee made a deal to feature Lycopersicon lycopersicum ‘Early Girl’ as its new find, an F1 hybrid that ripened early and could still produce even when temperatures dipped to 40 degrees. ‘Early Girl’ has uniformly-sized fruit about the size of a tennis ball that has decent tomato flavor most years. It is an indeterminate tomato, which means you will need to give it some sort of support to keep the vine growing upright. If you do, then be prepared for a good crop of tomatoes. The plant is somewhat resistant to verticillium wilt and fusarium wilt. Interestingly,  the patent holder of the hybrid is now Monsanto Corp., which got control of it after acquiring Seminis Inc., a seed company, back in 2005.