January 29, 2020

My Sweet Rose

Hemerocallis 'My Sweet Rose'

Mark Uchneat Photo | Hemerocallis ‘My Sweet Rose’

Hemerocallis ‘My Sweet Rose’ is aptly named. With a rose-mauve color and a highly fragrant blossom, this day lily comes without thorns. Introduced in 1992, ‘My Sweet Rose’ has recurved petals with ruffles, a white midrib and a chartreuse throat. And did we mention that its flowers are 5 1/2 inches wide? Photographed by Mark Uchneat, this charmer is a heavy bloomer with flowers that stay open for 16 hours or longer.

Day Lily Week fact: Hemerocallis is native to Eurasia, including China, Korea, and Japan. The Tawny Day lily (Hemerocallis fulva) was an early import from England to 17th-century American gardens and soon escaped from gardens. The introduced Tawny Day lily is now common in many natural areas, and some people think that it is a native wildflower. Its nonscientific names include Railroad Day lily and Roadside Day lily, Ditch Lily, and Outhouse Lily, Tiger Lily, and Wash-house Lily (although it is not a true lily). Some people have planted this species near outhouses and wash houses, hence two of its nonscientific names. – From Wikipedia