March 31, 2020

One Cool Cat

Ligularia - Leopard plant

Janine Pineo Photo | Ligularia – Leopard plant

Plants that like cool, moist and shady spots aren’t hard to find, but one with a burst of color can be. Enter Ligularia, a member of the aster family. This clump-forming perennial is hardy to Zone 4, sending up spikes of yellow flowers midsummer that can easily reach 5 feet in height. Because it doesn’t mind wet feet, Ligularia is often recommended for planting along the edges of ponds or streams. At the very least, if it is in a drier locale, it needs as much shade as possible to keep the plant happy. It even will do well on the north side of a house if its roots get enough moisture. Also known as ragwort, the other common name is a fun one: leopard plant. You’ll know if it’s happy; it’ll purr in yellow flowers.