November 15, 2019

Ode to Poets Past

Narcissus poeticus - Poet's daffodil or Pheasant's Eye

Janine Pineo Photo | Narcissus poeticus – Poet’s daffodil or Pheasant’s Eye

You don’t need to be a poet to appreciate all that Narcissus poeticus carries in its genes. At first glance, the pure white petals surrounding the yellow corona ringed in red write their own song to the world. But take a moment to read about this daffodil and you may be surprised to find this common bulb is of ancient origins, likely the variety mentioned back about 400 B.C. by Theophrastus. It has long been used as a perfume source, its essential oil being used in a substantial percentage of modern perfumes as narcissus oil. Or you can simply admire these spring-flowering bulbs in your garden, gently wafting their fragrance in the breeze, as reliable as the sun rising the East. Hardy to at least Zone 4, the plant reaches about 18 inches in height.