November 13, 2019

On the Wing

Hemerocallis 'Cedar Waxwing'

Janine Pineo Photo | Hemerocallis ‘Cedar Waxwing’

A day lily is just a day lily, is it not? Oh, not at all. Many day lilies are the result of decades of genetic engineering, and such is the case with Hemerocallis ‘Cedar Waxwing’. This tetraploid (meaning it has four sets of chromosomes instead of the normal two) has orchid pink blossoms that fade toward yellow as the day progresses. Introduced in 1979, ‘Cedar Waxwing’ was the work of Robert Griesbach and Roy Klehm, who developed a number of varieties of day lilies. ‘Cedar Waxwing’ is a steady bloomer, reaching heights of about 3 feet.