January 21, 2020

Got Stripes?

Tomato 'Green Zebra'

Janine Pineo Photo | Tomato ‘Green Zebra’

Tomatoes are red, right? Not so much. Try green. With stripes. ‘Green Zebra’ is a superb cultivar that was introduced in 1983, bred by Tom Wagner of Everett, Washington. It is not an heirloom, although it is often called one and marketed as such, probably because it is unexpected in its coloration. With a chartreuse color and lime green stripes when ripe, this indeterminate variety is a treat to behold. You can tell it is ripe because of the “yellowing” of the fruit, but it also softens as a ripe tomato does. The flavor is excellent and presents quite a sight when sliced on a plate with tomatoes of other hues.