July 13, 2020

Spot of Color


Janine Pineo Photo | Kalanchoe

An easy way to have a burst of color indoors is to have a Kalanchoe. This genus has about 125 species, including a number that have become popular houseplants, although Kalanchoe behranensis can reach 20 feet in height in its native Madagascar. The houseplant cultivars, however, are much smaller, sporting deep green waxy leaves and clusters of flowers in red, yellow, orange, pink and white. Care is fairly simple, with the plant preferring full sun, drying just a bit between waterings and monthly fertilizer. Of note is the possibility of toxicity to pets. Some varieties of the plant contain cardiac poisons, called cardiac glycoside toxin, that can kill. Click here for more information about this. This particular double-flowering variety was found at Sprague’s Nursery in Bangor.