November 13, 2019

Fun from Fedco – Fantastic Flowers

Fun from Fedco - Fantastic Flowers

Fun from Fedco – Fantastic Flowers

We had so much fun with our Awesome April Giveaway, that we couldn’t resist doing it again for May after a Saturday visit to the Fedco Tree Sale in Clinton at the seed company’s warehouses.

All week we will be giving away a different set of seeds every 24 hours, awash with interesting varieties that you won’t find just anywhere. Actually, you generally can only order some online, so let’s call this exclusive and go with that!

Our third set of seeds is a trio of flowers, with wispy foliage and beautiful blossoms.



Janine Pineo Photo | Love-in-a-Mist

Jelly Beans California Poppy is described as eye candy, with pink, white, orange and raspberry red to tempt your tastebuds. All of them are set against silvery green foliage. These grow about a foot tall.

Picotee Cosmos offer exquisite bicolors of white, pink and rose. Like most cosmos, these can reach 4 feet in height by season’s end.

Persian Jewels Mix Love-in-a-Mist is an often overlooked variety. But you really shouldn’t. The flower is a tiny work of art, nestled in lacy green bracts and topped with a showy involucre, which are the bracts that usually are beneath the bloom.

You should grow these this year and you could.

All you have to do is enter to win.