January 21, 2020

Fun from Fedco – Rollicking Roots

Fun from Fedco - Rollicking Roots

Fun from Fedco – Rollicking Roots

We had so much fun with our Awesome April Giveaway, that we couldn’t resist doing it again for May after a Saturday visit to the Fedco Tree Sale in Clinton at the seed company’s warehouses.

All week we will be giving away a different set of seeds every 24 hours, awash with interesting varieties that you won’t find just anywhere. Actually, you generally can only order some online, so let’s call this exclusive and go with that!

Our fourth set of seeds is a trio of root vegetables, all tasty additions to your vegetable lineup.

Over the Rainbow Mix carrot has lighter shades of orange and yellow to red and purple varieties in the mix. A feast for the eyes and the palate.

Chioggia beet is a crazy beet, with alternating rings of pink and white when you slice the root. One might think this was some wild new hybrid, but this beet has been cultivated in the United States since the 1840s. Its origins are strictly European, however, coming from a Venetian hill town.

Purple Top White Globe turnip may win the award for most literal name, but this variety is a sweet one. Turnips often don’t get the love they deserve and this one is a summer variety that is great fresh, good in stirfries or simmered in soups. This is not a rutabaga, but a turnip worthy of your regard.

You should grow these this year and you could.

All you have to do is enter to win.