January 22, 2020

Golden Child

Malus x domestica 'Yellow Delicious'

Janine Pineo Photo | Malus x domestica ‘Yellow Delicious’

The lovely thing about apple trees is not just the apples they produce, but the masses of delicate flowers they sport in the spring. These are the blooms of Malus x domestica ‘Yellow Delicious,’ which is allegedly the same as ‘Golden Delicious.’ Hardy to Zone 4, this apple needs to be pollinated by another variety, preferably Red Delicious, Red Jonathan or Early Harvest. Like a number of apple varieties, this one was a chance seedling found in 1890 in Clay County, W. Virginia. The original name was Mullin’s Yellow Seedling and renamed in 1916. ‘Golden Reinette’ and ‘Grimes Golden’ are considered the parents of ‘Yellow Delicious.’