January 23, 2020

Hazy, Hot and Humor Me

• By John F. Chisholm •

Our local weather man nominated “heat, haze and humidity” for today’s forecast.

I’m not a big fan of the three ‘H’s.  In fact, I believe the only fans they have are the window variety.  I have one now, it’s turned on ‘HI’ and pointed at me.  The wall of super-heated, sodden air thrown my way is the only thing that allows me to work.  Even so sweat beads my forehead.  My T-shirt sticks to my chest.  The glass of iced tea beside my computer runs rivers of condensation down onto the coaster.

Worse, I have no influence over the weather.  It certainly would be nice if I did.  I’d do away with the three ‘H’s, first thing.

Such useless yearning makes me think.

I’ve spent my life doing it.

Consider that.  The list of things over which I have no influence is considerably longer than that which I can affect.  It’s true.  Ask my wife.  (Undoubtedly she heads that list.  But it’s not limited to just her.  Far from it.  Moreover, I’m not picking on Wendy.)

The truth I’m striving to define is a question.  Why do I spend so much time and effort trying to sway fate into sympathy with my conditions?  I think everyone does it.  Regardless, it’s to no avail and while tilting at windmills is a time-honored and respectable profession, it would be nice to achieve results.

How?  How does anyone gain efficacy over the implacable?

Seriously.  I want to know.  Can’t somebody out there tell me?  Surely it can be done.  Somebody must have done it once, somehow, sometime, somewhere.  Something more than arbitrary chance must have been moved to create the world.

Writing is a perfect example.  I spend every weekday morning struggling with words.  The proof of their power is all around me.  There are libraries of it.  They hold shelf after shelf of great, moving and powerful thoughts, orations and ideas which, if spoken aloud, are nothing more than castles of sound.

But somehow those words have been granted life, power and effect through nothing more than those walls of air.  By what agency?  Via what pathway?  Down which road?

Can’t you please give me direction?

How does anyone change a forecast of heat, haze and humidity?