April 8, 2020

Seeing Double

Joy Meyers Photo | Cosmos bipinnatus 'Double Click Rose Bonbon'

Joy Meyers Photo | Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Double Click Rose Bonbon’

The first single-color of Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Double Click’ is this striking beauty, ‘Rose Bonbon.’ This sturdy cosmos can easily hit 3 feet in height with its delicate-looking, finely cut foliage framing fully double blooms. Keep it deadheaded and the blooms will keep on coming into early fall, generally surviving a light frost. There’s an interesting note about the benefits of growing this type of cosmos in a clump: “When flowering, the plant can become top heavy. This problem is alleviated when grown in groups, as the bi-pinnate leaves interlock, and the colony supports itself,” according to Wikipedia. Given our experience with cosmos, we would say that is spot on. And kind of romantic, that whole interlocking thing.

Submitted by Joy Meyers