February 18, 2020

The Heart of Hungary

Tomato 'Hungarian Heart'

Janine Pineo Photo | Tomato ‘Hungarian Heart’

The picture in the catalog from The Heirloom Garden of Maine looked enticing and the description moreso. The resulting fruit was even more impressive. The heirloom Solanum lycopersicum ‘Hungarian Heart’ is an Oxheart-type tomato. That means it is heart-shaped and its seed cavities are small. The indeterminate variety is said to have originated in a village about 20 miles outside Budapest around 1900. It was first offered on Seed Savers Exchange in 1988. The color of the fruit is described as pink, although it is just not as red a red as most red tomatoes are. The size of the fruit is exceptional, easily reaching a pound in weight. Hungarian Heart ticks off all the right boxes for a tomato: Delicious fresh, it also can be canned, sauced or roasted.

Tomato 'Hungarian Heart' grows to softball-sized proportions.

Janine Pineo Photo | Tomato ‘Hungarian Heart’ grows to softball-sized proportions.