November 13, 2019


Helenium autumnale - Sneezeweed

Janine Pineo Photo | Helenium autumnale – Sneezeweed

The brilliant yellow rays of this flower are not surprisingly those of a Helenium, H. autumnale to be precise. Best known as sneezeweed, this perennial is a prodigious bloomer of daisy-like flowers with rays that end in a three-tooth-edge. A member of the aster family, the plant can reach more than 2 feet in height, blossoming later in the season, usually August and then into the autumn. As for the sneezeweed moniker, this plant was used in making snuff, a product that people would sniff into their nostrils (and often caused sneezing). Medicinally, inhaling snuff was a way to cause sneezing that would allegedly “rid the body of evil spirits.”