May 26, 2020

The Hornet Waltz

The original copy of "The Hornet Waltz"

The original copy of “The Hornet Waltz”

• By Janine Pineo •

After receiving a desperate plea from a devoted fan — i.e., a quick email asking if there would be a Christmas carol coming — I went into music composition mode — i.e., started humming tunes — and found my muse.

Or a mouse. There was something scratching around in the vicinity of the furnace room and it was definitely stirring something up while I was composing.

I toiled late into the night and before Christmas Eve dawned, I had a carol.

At least that is what I am calling it.

Set to the romantic notes of “The Christmas Waltz,” I am imagining Frank Sinatra singing this new classic.

Here we go with “The Hornet Waltz.”

Run for your lives.

The Hornet Waltz

Stinging hornets strike,
Poor dog flies in the air,
Now we cannot use the back stairs.

The siege lingers on,
The horde — they love to sting,
Stings for you and for me.

That was summertime,
For it’s icy outside
And all web sources seem to say

Farewell, hornets,
May your de-mise be complete.

For this wintertime
Still quite blows my mind
Wishing all of us
The same fate, too.

(Repeat … or not)

(Big finish)

Farewell, hornets!

Er, Merry Christmas!

And here is the original for you to get the right rhythm.