May 25, 2020

Recycling Springs into Action

It was the clematis that caught my eye, but then my brain did a double-take. What was that trellis that the brilliantly purple Jackmanii was growing up and across so beautifully at Rogers … [Read more...]

Tripping Through the Sprawl? Try a Trellis for Those Cucumbers

• By Janine Pineo • I adore cucumbers. I have always hated tripping over them. Invariably, I would. Every year. It was a dreadful game of Twister each summer when the harvest was on. … [Read more...]

Under Cover: Save Money, Time with Row Covers

• By Janine Pineo • The insect damage was the final straw. A number of years ago, I had a cucumber beetle infestation that decimated my cucumber and squash plants. If they didn't kill the … [Read more...]

White on Black: Keeping Things Cool

The benefits of plastic mulch are numerous, although sometimes one might raise an eyebrow and wonder whether the claims are true. Such might be the case with white plastic mulch, although in this … [Read more...]

Billions and Billions: Boost of Bacteria Give Legumes a Leg Up

• By Janine Pineo • It sounds like mad science: Sprinkle a bunch of granular specks in the rows where you plant your peas or beans and they will grow better. But these aren't just any specks. … [Read more...]

Worm vs. Wasp

Damage to tomato plants can come from a number of sources, and one voracious eater is the tomato hornworm, which can devour both leaves and fruit when fully grown. What is fully grown? It equals … [Read more...]

Ask an Onion the Time of Day

Back in July 1997, I heard from Paul Hepler, a retired University of Maine associate professor of horticulture in food science. I'd written about root crops and he wanted to clarify a couple of … [Read more...]

Clothespins: Not Just for Clothes

Sometimes a simple solution is as elusive as a scent on the breeze. But when you find one, you want to share it, even if it is a bit silly. I love vining plants. I like the look of vining plants … [Read more...]

Keeping It Clean

How do you keep algae from building up in your rain barrels? There are a few tricks to keep the water pristine. Set up the barrel in a mostly shady area. Sunlight promotes algae growth. If … [Read more...]

Fill Large Pots, Save Money

Large pots can take a huge amount of costly potting soil and weigh so much they are hard to move. At the end of the year when you remove the plants, you find that the majority of the roots don't get … [Read more...]