July 16, 2020

Megaherb: Silver-leaf Daisy

The silvery hairs on both sides of the leaves set Pleurophyllum hookeri apart from its near relatives, P. speciosum and P. criniferum. This megaherb can be found on the subantarctic islands of … [Read more...]

Megaherb: Campbell Island Carrot

Permanently damp, that's what Anisotome latifolia likes. Known as the Campbell Island Carrot, this perennial herb can reach up to two meters in height, sporting leathery leaves with dark green to … [Read more...]

Megaherb: Macquarie Island Cabbage

Not only is it nice to look at, but Stilbocarpa polaris also can prevent scurvy. Native to the subantarctic islands of New Zealand as well as Macquarie Island in Australia, this member of the ivy … [Read more...]

Megaherb: Campbell Island Daisy

The ribbed leaves give Pleurophyllum speciosum its name, from the Greek pleuro meaning rib and phyllo meaning leaf. Native to the subantarctic Auckland and Campbell islands, this member of the aster … [Read more...]

Megaherb: Ross Lily

With straplike leaves and a cylindrical flower, Bulbinella rossii is an impressive lily. One of the endemic megaherbs of the subantarctic Campbell and Auckland islands of New Zealand, this perennial … [Read more...]

And Then Came the Megaherbs

• By Janine Pineo • The word caught my attention, like a scent to a hound dog. Megaherb. What is this glorious thing? About a week ago, I clicked on a link from an account I follow on … [Read more...]